The Composite Bridge (Tooth in One Day)

The Composite Bridge (Tooth in One Day) is an adhesive restorative prosthetic solution for single missing teeth. The method basically involves the dentist modelling and shaping a tooth from composite materials in the gap between the teeth. A porcelain veneer is then placed on the new tooth to give it a natural look. The tooth is attached to the neighbouring teeth also with composite materials..Therefore, the neighbouring teeth are not damaged. The whole process in painless as there is no drilling involved. The whole treatment takes only 2 hours. The method is extremely popular with patients who are looking for an alternative to implants, people with dentophobia and post orthodontic patients. Our surgery has performed over 1500 composite bridges. A composite bridge very often can outlive a crown or bridge.

  • Alternative for implants and dental bridges
  • Painless (no drilling)
  • One visit necessary (estimated time 2 hours)
  • No grinding of neighbouring teeth
  • Durability better than dental bridge
  • Over fifty percent cheaper than implants and bridges

Procedure for Composite Bridge (Tooth in One Day)

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