Testimonials and Peer Testimony

Prof. Irena Karlowska Orthodontics Department Pomeranian Medical and Dental University.

"The Composite Bridge is a very good alternative to single tooth prosthetics. Dr. Cezary Turostowski's 20 year experience in this field has proven that this innovative method is just as durable as traditional methods. The aesthetic appearance of the" Composite Bridge" is in many cases better than a normal crown."

Barbara Warych BDS

This method eliminates many problems associated with traditional prosthetics such as grinding of neighbouring teeth. "The Composite Bridge" does not require damaging of neighbouring teeth as does a classical bridge. The aesthetic effect is good and it has the durabilty of normal bridges and crowns.

Dr. Zygmunt Zieba DDS

"Composite Bridges are an excellent method of replacing missing teeth. The missing tooth can be made within 2 hours and is virtually painless. I have used this method after orthodontic treatment where this bridge was also used as a retainer."

Malgorzata Rakowska BDS

"Innitialy, I started using this method only with young patients. Now we recommend this alternative for all patients, regardless of age."

Douglas Graham Patient

"I've had nothing but great experiences with Cezary Turostowskis and his team, they are always incredibly welcoming and friendly. Cezary is also very thorough and detail oriented - always explaining his findings before making a recommendation for treatments. I trust this team and would highly recommend them to others! Please feel free to contact me if you have any question about dental treatment in Poland."

Noomi Irene Aakerman Patient

"I can highly recommend the dentist and the staff . They are working professionel. I have visit the Clinic since 2003"

Martin Melbye Andersen Patient

"Fatastic work and service, Fantastic staff"

Dik Cadbury Patient

"Well worth looking into! Highly recommended."

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